Yoga For Kids!

Cost: $180+GST (SPRING 2017- 12 weeks)
*Please note: No Gold Medal Membership is required for Kids Yoga
Ages: 6-12
Class Length:
1 Hour (In Multi-purpose room)
Pre-Req: None
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:10

Yoga For Kids is a co-ed structured class led by a qualified yoga instructor in our multipurpose room. It will have students doing silly poses, becoming human pretzels and playing fun yoga games while improving their flexibility and strength.

This class also introduces some basic poses such as downward dog, upward dog, plank, forward bend, happy baby, tree pose, airplane, half moon, headstands, wheel and multiple variations of warrior. Learning will happen through tons of individual and group exploration with positive encouragement.

While students playfully adventure into the wonderful land of yoga, concepts such as being a good friend, acting peacefully, being patient and giving back to one’s community will be discussed. These mini yogis will discover the basics of presence and will, even for just a few seconds at a time, pay attention to the feeling of breath coming in and out of their nostrils. Very simple anatomy will be introduced and participants will have a greater understanding of how to nourish their minds and move their bodies.

Fun For: Mini yogis and gymnasts who want to improve their balance and flexibility. This is a great option for children who would benefit from learning focus techniques. Yoga is the perfect activity to get a head start on control over the body and the mind.

Yoga For Kids

Meet Ale, Our Yoga For Kids Teacher!