Gym 360

Gym360_MAINWelcome to Gym360!

We are pleased to introduce our new
recreational gymnastics levels experience: Gym360!

Developed by Kyle and his Olympic Coach, Kelly Manjak, this unique program is an adaptation of the CanGym program with a Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics twist. This program was designed to offer participants an all-around gymnastics experience while also encouraging the development of important physical abilities and life skills.

In this program, participants will navigate their way through 10 different levels while they are tested on various gymnastic progressions, skills and element combinations. Specific strength, flexibility and character components will be assessed as well. Each of the Gym360 levels consist of unique requirements which must be mastered in order to graduate to the next level. Once participants conquer all 10 levels, they will earn their very own Gold Medal!

We truly believe this program will not only teach participants cool new gymnastics tricks, but it will give them a wonderful and well-rounded foundation for an active and healthy life.

Pre-Gym 360

Cost: GOLD MEDAL Members – $320 + GST (Spring 2017 – 12 weeks)
Age: 5 Years – 6 Years
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Pre-requisite: None
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8
*Please note: Those who are new to gymnastics are highly encouraged to take a GymKids Senior class first.

This 1.5 Hour Co-ed class is an excellent introduction into the Gym360 stream of programming and specifically designed with ages 5 – 6 years in mind. It is an excellent option for youngsters who are ready for a longer class and more of a challenge.

Participants will maneuver through multiple circuits on all of the gymnastic apparatus while learning basic skills and body positions. A greater emphasis will be placed on correct technique, strength, flexibility and form while they prepare themselves for Gym360 Level 1 and our Specialty programs. Rest assured, having fun is still the main priority! Classes begin with a non-musical active warm up and end with a high five!

Fun for: Those who are looking for a longer class with a more advanced skill base. The perfect head start on the Gym360 program.

Gym 360 – Levels 1 & 2

Cost: GOLD MEDAL Members – $320 + GST (Spring 2017 – 12 weeks)
Age: 6+
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Pre-Requisite: None
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8
CanGym Equivalent: Burgundy/Red/Tan

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gym360! This co-ed structured class is a must do for every child and is all about the fundamentals. Each 1.5 hour class will have participants going on the ultimate adventure as they take on a variety of new challenges on the gymnastic equipment.

This introductory gymnastics class is physical activity completely disguised as fun. Participants will see a strong emphasis placed on maneuvering through the gymnastic experience with safety in mind. Children will work on proper landing techniques, forward rolls, mini-cartwheels, various balances, supports and basic gymnastic body positions. They will learn about the movement potential of their body as they hang from the rings, swing on the bars and bounce on the trampoline.

Warning: Although we try to tire them out, a bit of bed bouncing may still occur at home. We apologize in advance

Fun For: Everyone! We highly encourage all participants to take Intro to Gym360 for a strong gymnastics and fitness foundation.

Gym 360 – Levels 3 & 4

Cost: GOLD MEDAL Members – $320 + GST (Spring 2017 – 12 weeks)
Age: 6+
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Pre-Requisite: Gym360 Level 2 or Tan CanGym Badge
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8
CanGym Equivalent: Bronze/Purple

This is the next step in the Gym360 journey. Participants will work on more advanced skills including skin the cats, backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers and handsprings. They’ll go over, under and off objects of varying heights and increase core strength as they bring their knees up to their chest in hang. They also start preparing for some awesome monkey bar routines as their swinging ability improves.

As always, safety is of utmost importance and proper falling techniques are engrained. An emphasis is placed on correct body positions as the expectation is slightly increased. Pointed toes are appreciated 😉 Without feeling like they’re even really trying, strength and flexibility will improve and confidence will grow. This class is for those who love to cartwheel their heart out and kick up into handstands!

Fun for: Everyone! This class is the second essential step in everyone’s sporting journey. Although participants may realize by this point that the Gym360 stream is not their path, this class will reinforce the critical movement patterns for success in our specialty programs and all other sporting endeavors.

Gym 360 – Levels 5,6,7 – INTERMEDIATE

Cost: GOLD MEDAL Members – $320 + GST (Spring 2017 – 12 weeks)
Age: 6+
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Pre-Requisite: Gym360 Level 4 or Purple CanGym Badge
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8
CanGym Equivalent: Blue/Turquoise/Silver

This class is the natural progression for those wanting to take the next step in learning authentic gymnastic skills on the Olympic apparatus. Students will work on dive rolls, front handsprings, back hip circles, under-swings, handstands, casts and more advanced progressions for back handsprings and front tucks. The level is increased as participants are encouraged to swing bigger, jump higher and go beyond their comfort zones. New skills and a variety of fresh adaptations to apparatus interaction are introduced. This is where becoming a ‘gymnast’ really starts to take shape.

Fun for: Participants who love learning new gymnastic skills on the Olympic apparatus and want to improve their strength and flexibility.

Gym 360 – Levels 8,9,10 – ADVANCED

Cost: GOLD MEDAL Members – $320 + GST (Spring 2017 – 12 weeks)
Age: 8+
Class Length: 1.5 Hours – *Two Times a week is highly recommended*
Pre-Req: Gym360 Level 7 or Silver CanGym Badge
Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:8
CanGym Equivalent: Orange/Yellow/Green/Gold

Welcome to the final adventure in the Gym360 stream of programming! Look how far you’ve come! But be prepared, even more advanced skills are on their way! Making it this far in Gym360 shows you truly enjoy gymnastics and you’ve been working really hard. We’re super proud of you. Perhaps you’ve been practicing a few of your strength and flexibility moves at home?

We highly recommend that Advanced Gym360 participants register for 2 times a week so they can maintain the required strength and flexibility in order to perform the most advanced skills found in this program.

Students will work towards peak skills such as kips, free hip circles, roundoff back handspring back tucks, front layouts, twisting elements, flipping vaults and more so they can ultimately earn their Gym360 Gold Medal. Patience and a diligent work ethic are required to excel in this class, but above all else, having fun is of utmost importance!

Fun for: Those who aspire to learn more technical and difficult skills on the gymnastic apparatus. This is an excellent option for those who may want to one day participate in a competitive stream of programming or who want the ultimate challenge in their recreational gymnastic experience.