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Coaching is a highly rewarding experience. Not only do you get to teach cool skills, you also get to make a positive impact in the lives of others. If you are interested in starting your journey as a coach, please give us a call for more info.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for AWESOME, ENERGETIC, ENTHUSIASTIC, PASSIONATE and FUN LOVING COACHES to join our team!!!

If you are looking for a positive environment where you can share your excitement for gymnastics, then we’ve got the PERFECT FIT for you!!

Evening availability is an asset and a passion for recreational gymnastics is essential.

Some perks of working at KSG:
– Our environment is clean, organized and welcoming
– Our staff is a TEAM! We celebrate our staff and treat them with respect and admiration
– Our programs are innovative and non-competitive focused
– Our gym is equipped with brand new and well maintained SA Sport equipment
– Coach creativity and new ideas are encouraged and embraced
– All coaches are welcome to fine tune their own gymnastic skills at Adult Drop In
– Flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules
– Clinics and professional development opportunities
– Incentives for those who go above and beyond

Interested in joining our team? Apply by emailing us at careersat

Meet Our Team

We are proud to introduce you to our superhero team. Not only are they highly qualified and uphold impeccable safety standards, they go above and beyond to ensure your experience is exceptional!

Meet Kyle


KSG is Kyle’s dream come true! He can’t wait to meet you and your family. Learn more about Kyle here

Meet Krystal


Our Program Director

Krystal has more than 15 years of gymnastics coaching experience and is a proud mom of 2 awesome little dudes. She has a soft spot for animals & loves Las Vegas, UFC & camping. She is the consummate host for her friends and makes everyone feel welcome. Her bubbly personality is infectious and you can’t help but laugh and smile when she’s around.

Meet Justine


Our Office Manager

Justine has more than 8 years experience keeping an office in tip top shape and knows how to make customers feel extra special. She loves soy chai lattes with an extra shot and yoga and her ultimate passion is acting. She can sing too!

Meet Melissa


Our Administrator Extraordinaire!

Melissa is a customer experience expert! She also loves making people laugh. When she’s not spreading sunshine at KSG, she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, reading and cooking. She runs on coffee and hugs #momlife. Her BIG goal: To see more of the world.

Meet Jana

Optimized-KSG2017-2Jana is one of our evening administrators! She loves spending time with her husband and two kiddos and she enjoys being active and getting her sweat on at Gymsanity. She is an expert baker (secretly trying to get all of us a little chubby with her delicious cookies) and also a bubbly conversationalist. When she’s not rockin’ the front desk, she enjoys having laughs with friends and travelling to warm places like L.A and Las Vegas.

Meet Breanna

Optimized-KSG2017-1Breanna is one of our evening and weekend administrators! Breanna loves running and keeping fit, but also loves a good Netflix binge and spending lots of time with friends and family. Breanna’s proudest accomplishment is getting into the university program of her choice, and her BIG goal is to survive said program! Good luck, Breanna!

Meet Rachel


Rachel is one of our evening and weekend administrators! She loves spending time with her husband and her two daughters. She loves to cook and to listen to music! Rachel’s proudest accomplishment is competing in her first half marathon and her BIG goal is to complete a marathon or triathlon! We’ll be there to cheer you on, Rachel!

Meet Alexis


Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Alisha

Alisha has been involved in gymnastics for more than a decade as a recreational athlete and coach. Her favourite part of coaching is breaking down the skills she loved as an athlete and teaching them to others! When she’s not in the gym or studying for school, she loves hanging out at church, working out and baking.

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa has been involved in gymnastics for her entire life! Her favorite part of coaching is making kids smile and having fun! She brings her funky, charismatic, enthusiastic attitude to the gym every week and makes everything FUN! Her proudest accomplishment is making the Alberta Summer Games 7’s Rugby – she is one tough cookie! Outside of gymnastics Alyssa loves animals, hiking, camping, swimming, mountain biking and pretty much everything outdoors with the love of her life!

Meet Amy

Amy has been involved in gymnastics for nearly a decade. She loves making her students smile and working with them gives her the warm fuzzies inside! Her BIG goal is to survive the process of earning her first university degree!

Meet Andrea

Optimized-KSG2017-19Andrea has been involved in gymnastics to the past 18 years. Andrea loves coaching because what she enjoys most is seeing the smile on a child’s face when they achieve a new skill – like a front tuck, that’s her favourite move!Andrea is a bubbly people person and her smile is contagious. Outside of gymnastics Andrea enjoys going to the movies, yoga and, dance parties. She also loves Cafe Americanos which stems from her proudest accomplishment; graduating from Mount Royal University!

Meet Bianca

Bianca, or more commonly, Coach B, has been involved in gymnastics for the past 18 years as an athlete, coach, and judge. She loves watching her athletes reach their goals and seeing them progress. Her proudest accomplishment is competing for Canada at the 2011 Age Group Championships. When she isn’t bouncing on the trampoline, Bianca enjoys travelling, family, Tinkerbell, and cheering on the Flames and Roughnecks. She also loves to dance, and did we mention she is a fabulous singer – she knows the “Frozen” soundtrack off by heart!!

Meet Brittany

Brittany has been involved in gymnastics for the past 15 years. She loves coaching because she gets to watch and assist participants succeed and grow as athletes. Don’t be surprised if you see her doing front handsprings all over the gym – it’s her favorite move! Brittany’s proudest accomplishment is having a perfect 4.0 GPA at University last year. Her BIG goal is to become a Forensic Scientist. Outside of gymnastics, Brittany loves bacon, golfing, and playing football!

Meet Brooklynn D.

Optimized-KSG2017-20Brooklyn has been involved in gymnastics for the past 9 years. She wanted to be a coach because it was such a big part of her life and she wanted to stay involved and spread her knowledge. Her proudest accomplishment is overcoming her fear to learn a new skill. When Brooklyn isn’t tumbling all over the gym she enjoys school, cheerleading, volunteering, and spending time with her family. Brooklyn’s BIG goal is to one day open her own gym!

Meet Brooklyn G.

Brooklyn is one of our AWESOME Coaches In Training! Brooklyn has been involved in gymnastics for 6 years and her favourite skills are Front Walkovers, Roundoffs, and Back-Handsprings. Brooklyn LOVES coaching because she loves sharing her passion for the gym with others, and she loves seeing how happy someone is when they learn a new skill (it’s the best!). Brooklyn’s proudest accomplishment is when she perfected her Roundoff Back-Handspring, and her BIG goal is to compete at WORLDS; the biggest competition for cheerleaders EVER!

Meet Emi

Optimized-KSG2017-18Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Fiona

Optimized-KSG2017-12Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Grayson

Optimized-KSG2017-16Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Greg

Greg is one of our awesome Parkour coaches! Greg has been doing Parkour for 17 years! His favourite part about coaching is being able to share his vast knowledge and share in the excitement when an athlete accomplishes something awesome – like a Miller +, that’s his favourite skill! Greg’s proudest accomplishment is making the decision to follow his passion and do what he loves for a living, and his BIG goal is to land a Triplecork! When he’s not in the gym Greg loves mountain biking, skiing, motocross and filming!

Meet Hailie

Optimized-KSG2017-13Hailie is one of our awesome Coaches In Training! Hailie loves working with kids and watching them grow and learn new skills. She loves building relationships with all of her athletes and them learn along the way! Hailie’s favourite skill is a roundoff back-handspring, and her proudest accomplishment is achieving the Best Citizenship and the Most Outstanding Student awards at her school last year. Outside of gymnastics Hailie loves singing and acting, and her BIG goal is to be a professional singer!

Meet Jenna G.

Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Jenna M.

Jenna has been involved in gymnastics for 16 years; 5 of those as a coach. Her favorite part about being a coach is watching her students finally learn a new skill that they have been working so hard to get. When she’s not in the gym, you can find her playing rugby – she was even a part of Team Canada at the 2014 Youth Olympics!

Meet Jessy

Optimized-KSG2017-10Jessy has been involved in sports and gymnastics for the past 20 years. What she loves about coaching is seeing the kids smile and watching them accomplish something new! Jessy is very outgoing, friendly, and per little preschoolers love her! Her proudest gymnastics accomplishment is being provincial vault champion. Don’t be too surprised if you see her doing handstands all over the gym – it’s her favourite move! Outside of gymnastics Jessy loves spending time with her family and friends, going camping, and rocking out at concerts!

Meet Kelty

Kelty has been involved in gymnastics for the past 18 years and her proudest accomplishment is opening up a gymnastics facility with her family in BC. She loves coaching but not as much as that great feeling get when a child learns their first cartwheel! Outside of gymnastics, Kelty loves kayaking, hiking and paddle boarding. She is currently studying to be an Event Planner. Her BIG goal is to be on an organizing committee for a major games like the Olympics or Pan Ams

Meet Kerry

Optimized-KSG2017-6Kerry has been involved in gymnastics for the past 28 years! She loves coaching because nothing is more rewarding than when a gymnast learns a new skill for the first time, for Kerry and her athletes!! When Kerry isn’t practising back handsprings all over the gym – it is her favourite move after all – she enjoys camping, baseball, fishing, and four wheeling. Her proudest accomplishment is buying her home!! Kerry’s BIG goal is to teach many others to be GREAT gymnastics coaches and what a perfect person for the job! She would also like to win the lottery!

Meet Kim

Kim loves to coach because she is so passionate about gymnastics and she wants to continue being involved in it by helping others feel the same way! Her favorite gymnastics move is a front aerial on the beam. Her proudest accomplishment is being provincial champion in Pre-Novice Elite for Team Alberta and going to westerns both years she competed! Outside of gymnastics Kim loves basketball, piano, volleyball, track, and just being active.

Meet Lauren M.


Lauren has been involved in gymnastics for 11 years and can’t wait to be a coach! Lauren loves cheerleading, school, crossfit, standing back tucks (her favourite move!), and her friends and family. Lauren’s proudest accomplishment is receiving the leadership award at her school TWO years in a row! Congratulations, Lauren!

Meet Leah

Optimized-KSG2017-4Leah has been involved in gymnastics for the past 5 years and after retiring from her competitive team became a coach because she loves kids! Her favourite gymnastics move is a back tuck! We love her positive outlook, bright personality and kind heart. Outside of gymnastics Leah loves movies, hanging out with friends and most importantly dogs. Her BIG goal is to become a Doctor!

Meet Madelyn M

Madelyn has been involved in gymnastics for the past 4 years. She loves coaching because she is passionate about gymnastics and wants other people to love it too! Her proudest accomplishment is achieving honors with distinction. Outside of gymnastics, Madelyn loves drawing, listening to music, and playing music. Her BIG goal is to become a coach as good as the best coaches she’s had – right on!

Meet Matt

Matt has been involved in gymnastics for the past 15+ years. His favorite part of coaching is watching athletes reach their goals. His proudest gymnastics related accomplishment is being a past national tumbling champion, but his proudest life accomplishments are all of his travels – including Timbuktu (it does exist!). Outside of gymnastics Matt loves travelling, photography, tennis, basketball, his best friend Justine, and anything with beaches! His BIG goals are to fill a passport every 5 years, ride and elephant, and volunteer with a panda sanctuary in China.

Meet Mikayla

Optimized-KSG2017-5Mikayla has been involved in gymnastics for 24 years as both an athlete and a coach! Her favourite thing about coaching is sharing in the excitement of helping athletes meet their goals! When she’s in the gym she loves doing back tucks or tumbling. When not at the gym she likes to rock climb, snowboard, swim, and to swing dance!

Meet Moorea


Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Nicole

Optimized-KSG2017-9Nicole has been involved in gymnastics for the past 20 years. What she loves most about coaching is seeing the joys and smiles on the faces of children – or as she calls them, the littles! Her proudest accomplishment is definitely her family – and that she can still do a round off back handspring! Outside of gymnastics she loves to spend time outdoors with her family!

Meet Paige

Optimized-KSG2017-8Paige has been involved in gymnastics for 18 years. She loves seeing athletes having fun and learning new things! You can find her doing back tucks all over the gym, travelling, running, and teaching. Her proudest accomplishment is graduating university with a degree in elementary education, and her BIG goal is to see more of the world!

Meet Portia

Optimized-KSG2017-15Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Sarah

Her bio will be here soon!

Meet Stephanie

Optimized-KSG2017-11Stephanie has been involved in gymnastics and sports since the age of 3. She loves coaching because she loves seeing kids finally get the skill they have been working so hard for and watching their confidence grow! She can most commonly be found doing switch leaps or hanging around the bars -her favourite apparatus! Stephanie’s proudest accomplishment is programming and coaching at risk youth and children with a wide range of special needs. She was proud to be involved and help create a recognized program for a gymnastics facility in B.C. The club was then awarded the “Community Partner Award for Programming” in 2010, from the B.C. Center of Ability. Outside of gymnastics, Stephanie loves riding her wicked cruiser bike, travelling, surfing, and going to see live music.

Meet Tanis

Tanis is our amazing Adult Gymnastics coach! Her favorite part of coaching is seeing someone finally “get” something they’ve worked hard for. Tanis is very hardworking and her proudest accomplishment is still getting to perform flips at 30+ years as an IFBB Fitness Pro! Outside of rocking the floor at KSG or the stage at a competition, Tanis loves playing with her kids, fitness, yoga, and travelling. Her BIG goal is to still be able to do an aerial when she is 50. Learn more about Tanis on her personal website: www.tanisfit.com

Meet Victoria

Victoria has been involved in gymnastics since she was 2 years old. Her proudest accomplishment is making Big Show in the USA for Vault – WOW! Victoria loves coaching because she loves being able to teach kids something that she absolutely loves doing. Victoria’s BIG goal is to go Level 10 (National) in her final year of competing. Good luck, Victoria! We know you can do it!!

Meet Vienna

Vienna has been involved with gymnastics for 13 years! She LOVES seeing her athletes get excited when they acquire a new skill. Vienna’s favourite gymnastics skill is a switch split leap, and her proudest gymnastics accomplishment is winning provincials! Congratulations Vienna! Outside of gym, Vienna loves to travel, listen to music, cook, and try new and exciting things!